Sap in the veins

A Chalice by Rod Tallack. 3D Turned composite – sensible offers will be considered.

I visited Mr Plank’s dad recently. It is true to say that Mr Plank is a chip off the old block: I have no doubt it’s sap in their veins instead of blood.

Rod is a charming chap who’s spending his retirement keeping busy in the workshop. He produces astonishing works of art like the foot tall chalice pictured. Having had the privilege of holding this beautiful object in my hands and looking closely, I’m happy to report that it appears to be impossible to make.

How can you produce seamless joints between different pieces of wood over curved surfaces?

Unique Process

Rod has developed a technique that he has dubbed “Multi Dimensional Woodturning”. The lathe he uses is of his own design; in addition to turning the piece of work it simultaneously oscillates it in three dimensions. The secret of the chalice above is that it’s turned from a composite of different blocks of wood.

Hard to visualise? Check out this video – I still find it hard to see what’s happening when I can see it!

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